¡Muchas gracias!

We just donated $750 in profits to the Jardin de Amor school in Santa Maria de Jesus near Antigua, Guatemala. Muchas gracias for everyone’s support in 2011 and we look forward to raising more money for Julio’s school in 2012!

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¡Hola! We sold some books this summer!

Buenos dias everyone! We sold a remarkable 50 books in June, July and August. Muchas gracias readers! Although sales dropped significantly in July and August (70% and %30 respectively), we still managed to raise $375 for Jardin de Amor school in Santa Maria de Jesus, which is very gratifying.

We’re confident that with the weather turning cooler and kids (and parents) doing more reading that our sales will increase going into the fall. In fact, we’ve already sold four books this month on Amazon (three Kindle, one paperback), so we’re already over 50% of last month’s sales.

Work continues on Joey the Bunny Gives Back and on Spanish and Dutch versions of Joey the Bunny Gets Lost. Publication of Joey the Bunny Gives Back has been moving slowly––due to vacations and the rigors of family life––but we’re sure it will go on sale in time for the holiday season.

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¡Muchas gracias St. Leo’s!

We’d like to thank the generous parishioners of St. Leo Catholic Church in Omaha for supporting Jardin de Amor and Big Bunny Workshop during their Vacation Bible School last week! Thanks to you, we sold 18 books and 15 T-shirts, raising $274.65 in profit for the school in Guatemala! We also received $57.93 in donations to Jardin de Amor. ¡Muchas gracias for buying our books and T-shirts, and for kind donations!

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We’re an Amazon Best-Seller!

We’ve cracked the top 50 best-selling children’s Kindle books in the “baby-3” category! In just five months! See our product page here. This is awesome news and will surely make the children at Jardin de Amor in Santa Maria de Jesus very, very happy! ¡Muchas gracias! a todos!

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Joey and the Kids are Stars!

Yesterday our local National Public Radio affiliate, KIOS, did a wonderful segment on Joey the Bunny Gets Lost and on Jardin de Amor. Joey and the kids are stars! Listen to the segment here; KIOS also wrote a nice a piece on their website here. We’d like to thank Katie Knapp-Schubert, KIOS news director, for her time and effort in giving our project some much-needed attention! ¡Muchas gracias! Katie!

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MINI-PREVIEW: “Joey the Bunny Gives Back”

Here’s a pilot sketch of Joey selling carrots to help build a school for bunnies for our next book, Joey the Bunny Gives Back. Scheduled to be released on May 30 in paperback, the book tells the story of what happens when little Joey the Bunny finds out that there are other bunnies who’d like to go to school, but can’t because they have no school to go to.

Bookmark this page and watch for other previews! ¡Muchas gracias!

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Joey’s at the Bookworm!

We’re thrilled to report that Joey the Bunny Gets Lost is now being carried by the Bookworm at Countryside Village in Omaha! Muchas gracias to Ellen Scott (in photo below), children’s books manager, for agreeing to carry the book and for her enthusiasm for the project. We’ll be scheduling a reading and book signing for June. Hooray for the Bookworm! Joey is so jazzed about being in such a cool bookstore!

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